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Jack-In-The-Pulpit - A Boozy Cocktail Inspired by the Great Outdoors.

Here's a boozy tiki drink inspired by one fascinating plant, the Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Recipe first, story later.

The Jack-In-The-Pulpit

2 oz. - White Rum (Eight Oaks)

1 oz. - Aged Rum (Plantation 5-year)

.75 oz. - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

.25 oz. - Frangelico

.5 oz. - Pisco (Barsol)

2..5 oz. - Grapefruit Juice (as light a color as you can find)

1 oz. - Lime Juice

1 oz. - Mint Syrup

All ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake then strain into a tiki mug filled 3/4 of the way with crushed ice. Garnish with a corn husk and a speared grape.

Ok, from this moment forward, the Jack-In-The-Pulpit will be referred to as's too much to type.

Why did I make a drink based on a plant? Because it's a great fuggin' plant.

Why is it so booze-laden? Because booze is fuggin' great.

A photo of the JITP in my mother-in-law's garden.

My wife, Izzi, and I were taking a walk through a local state park, enjoying the woods and photographing various woodland subjects when I set my lens on a JITP plant. I had already been working on my cocktails and seeking inspiration for them for a while at this point and it dawned on me that it might be a good idea to do a drink based on this interesting plant and garnish it to resemble one.

I started to break down the possibilities of what might fit well in this drink. Jack Daniel's was an obvious choice since it has Jack in the name, however, I wanted to try to keep it on the sweeter side so I went the route of Tennessee Honey. The pulpit portion of the name led me to the thought of some sort of religious dais and that evoked the image of a friar-shaped bottle containing the Hazelnut Liqueur Frangelico. Already, it was starting to get weird. Hazlenut liqueur and honey whiskey? I decided to keep going down this strange path.

Georgia O'Keeffe's Jack-In-The-Pulpit no. 3.

The image of the flashy garnish started to coalesce and it felt like the JITP should include some tiki-style ingredients - so of course I had to bring in the citrus juices and rum as well as a bit of pisco to round it out. A healthy dose of mint syrup seemed necessary to add a little balance and another flavor element. I started mixing and testing. I began this flavor journey with a way heavy Frangelico pour; the drink was absolutely overpowered by it but I knew I was on to something. After some tweaking, I settled on a formula that I'm excited to share. The bright and bitter nature of the lime and grapefruit mingling with the whiskey, rum and the nutty richness of the Frangelico is really something different and thought provoking. Each sip, seemingly different from the last, this drink performs a surprisingly refreshing evolution; one that I thoroughly enjoy and I hope you will to.

Let me know if you give it a shot. Thanks for reading!

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