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Reverend Green - A Father's Day Cocktail

Happy Father's Day! I came up with a great-tasting variation of a whiskey sour dedicated to the memory of my Dad. Recipe first, story later.

The Reverend Green

2 oz. - Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey

1 oz. - lemon juice

0.5 oz. - Chambord

0.5 oz. - amaretto

0.5 oz. - Honey Syrup

1 egg white

2 dashes - Angostura Bitters

All ingredients into the shaker. Dry shake. Add ice then shake again. Pour over a large ice cube in a rocks glass, garnish with three maraschino cherries on a pick, add straw and enjoy.

Rev. Thomas S. Green was a great man with a kind soul. I knew him to be sweet, gentle, and incredibly wise. We lost him just over two years ago to Alzheimer's Disease and I've missed him every day since. He grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois, went to Southern Illinois University and committed his life to ministerial work. His work took him from Illinois to Louisville then Cincinnati to Easton, PA where he worked as a chaplain for Easton Hospital for a number of years. During that time, he met my mother and the rest is history.

With Father's Day coming up I was doing more thinking about him than usual and it occurred to me that I should do a tribute cocktail for him; a small gesture but one that I know he would appreciate. After talking with my mom, I discovered one of his favorite cocktails was the whiskey sour and decided to do a slight riff on that. I first kicked around the idea of using a green liqueur of some kind but I felt like something like Chambord and amaretto would suit it better. I've seen amaretto sours and Chambord sours but I couldn't find any recipes that combined the two, so I figured, "why not?" I also chose Wild Turkey specifically because that was one of his go-to whiskeys and I chose their rye because, personally, I like rye. The honey syrup was a symbol for his love of the outdoors and because there's something very sacred, mystical and binding about honey - it's been cultivated since the dawn of man and it's just one of those beautiful, golden, sweet things about life and nature that I find fascinating. The three cherries serve the drink as a nod to my dad's time as a minister and represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I ran through a few tests and, when I got to the final one, I pictured giving my dad a sip and I could imagine him nodding in silent approval. It tastes how I want every whiskey sour to taste from now on; it's strong, sour, and symbolic, a perfect cocktail tribute to a strong, sweet man.

I loved my dad and told him often. Do the same this Father's Day if you can. Hope you enjoy the drink, thanks for reading.

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